Your comments, feedback, and inspiration

Ok. I started this blog to show my progress in my own wedding planning, my cousins wedding planning, which I am doing, and I thought ‘hey, there are brides out there who have Jo idea on what they are doing but can’t afford a planner. So I will also blog about that,too. Give ideas and inspiration.’
So please leave me comments on what you like in my blog, things you don’t like, if you found inspiration or ideas. And if you have a certain color pallet or theme to your wedding, feel free to let me know what they,are and your name and wedding date and I will create you an inspiration post and label it personally for you,to help you in any ideas you,may want to see or if,you simply need a hand in planning.
In all honestly I would love to be a wedding planner, and I have had experience in it. So if you need a helping hand, please let me know.
All feedback is appreciated, whether it is positive or negative. As well are comments. Even if I inspire one person a day, then I’m not wasting my time blogging lol!
Congratulations on getting married, and if you need help, don’t hestitate to ask!


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