My Life

ever wonder about.the person writing these blogs? well, im going to give you a little insight and information about me.


yep. thats me. lol my amy jones and i am a 27 year old who lives in the hot valley of phoenix arizona. i just moved out here in february from my hone state of indiana. i came out here because my fiance and i transferred our jobs. and my cousin had lived out here previously and asked me to move back with her. so here i am. i started because i was planning my cousins wedding. then out of nowhere my boyfriend had asked me to marry him! i started a wedding notebook for myself of checklists and ideas. i thought you know what? this info could really help alot of brides out there! so here it is! unfortunately, i am no longer engaged as things didnt work out. but that doesnt mean i cant still write on my blog. i am here for all the other brides who need inspiration or check lists. i have loved weddings since i was little! so writing this blog on my own time, give me satisfaction to know.that i can possibly help anoyher bride for her big day. 🙂 and who knows. day ill get my big wedding and i will haveball ofbthese great posts to refer back to! i hope every one enjoys my blog. that means im doing my job well 😉


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