Pin fund Monday 6

Hey guys! After taking a week to take a break and find some wonderful pictures, I’ve found some good ones! So let’s go ahead and get to them.


This lace headband would be a simple dIy project. Just find a piece of lace and attatch it to a headband for your big day.


These bird cages would be a great addition to a vintage wedding. These can be used for a cardbox, or cake display. Also, add somevflowers and candles and you have a beautiful centerpiece.


A centerpiece idea


I love this cake. Its gorgeous and the fading color of the decoration is eye catching.


Here is a nautical inspiration board.


These shoes are gorgeous. They would be good for a lace dress.


And speaking of lace, here is a gorgeous dress. So pretty!


This centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous. All of these hydrangeas give such a fullness to this centerpiece.


For a different treat, add some cotton candy to a glass. Then add either perrier or champagne. It melts the cotton candy and adds flavor to the drink.

I hope you have enjoyed these pins. Until next time! Enjoy

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