Wedding up do’s… Beautiful brides

In this post, ill be showing you some ideas for up do ideas you can use for your wedding day. They are all gorgeous and some are with fascinators and flowers. So let’s get beautified.


Here is a compilation of different styles to try. I love the third one down, right side, with the white flower.


The bottom right corner is gorgeous. I like the wavy effect of the curls.


Nothing wrong with a little bump!


Flowers. Such a beautiful touch.


I really like this photo for a few reasons. 1. It’s a back and side shot so you can see the full view. 2. I love the priced wavy look. 3. The bun at the bottom is messy, but in place, and 4. Who wouldn’t want that sparkly hair piece!


Elegant and simple bun with a side swept bang.


Very soft and feminine.


Simply gorgeous. The peach flowers are amazing.


Fascinators ate a great addition if you have a birdcage veil or you remove your veil after the ceremony. Adds an elegant touch.

So whispy. I love the volume on this one.

Many many ideas in this picture!

There are a few ideas for you, so get to looking and find what you like best for your big day.

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