Wedding drinks…. Cheers!

Ok… Some ladies and gents want to have a bar at their weddings. Other want to make their own. So here are some websites and ideas for you to get some inspiration.

here is a website that has all kinds of wedding themed drinks.


Blackberry mojitos… recipe here

this website also has some awesome drinks too.


This deliciously pink frozen drink receipe can be found here.


This sangria recipe looks so darn refreshing. Yuuuuumo!


If you love raspberries, then go here to get this simple recipe.

If you do not want alcohol at your wedding, there are plenty of options for you too. You can make flavored waters. Drop in berries or fruit, mint, etc into the waters, add ice and voila.
You can do the same with lemonaides, teas, or sodas like sprite, seven up, and sierra mist.
You can also freeze small berries inside of ice cubes, or flowers, and have a colorful and flavorful ending result.
Why not just freeze the fruit to a stir stick or tooth pick and drop into your drinks so they aren’t watered down and keeps the drink cold.
Make homemade berry popsicles and drop into wine glasses. Pour your wine over the popsicles and your hurt can enjoy twice the treat! A popcicle, and a chilled tasty wine.

There are many more ideas online so go check out google and find what you would like vest for your big day!

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