A few diy’s

Alright ladies, here are some diy ideas for your wedding that I have found for you. I will post a description, picture, and a link for the directions.


Iced branches. Branches with sparkle and texture. Great to use for winter weddings. tutorial can be found here.


Pomander ball. These can be used to decorate your chairs/pews, have your girls carry them, or to decorate your reception. They can be done in any color to match your wedding!


Tulle flowers. These flowers are made of tissue paper and tulle. They can be used for decoration or bouquets. tutorial can be found here.

Diy cd/dvd cases. For favors. tutorial can be found here.

Paper roses. These are made out of old books,you are wanting to throw out. A few simple items and,you’re good to go. I have acctually made these and out them around a poster of Paris to look like a frame. tutorial can be found here

Here is a list of a bunch of diy projects for you guys. 100 of them! list of diy projects

Have fun and remember, you can always make things cheaper than you can buy them. So go searching and see how you can save. And diy weddings look just as good as regular expensive ones. Enjoy!

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