Big day manicure

So the day before your wedding, you should get a manicure. Surprisingly, your nails will show up a lot in your photos, and everyone will eventually see them on your wedding day. But what kind of design do you her? Well, I’ve found a few ideas for you! Some are simple and some are detailed. So enjoy and I hope you get some inspiration.


Ombre nails. These are very trendy right now and any colors can be used. Be as funky as you want. Simply take two colors of your choice and put a few drips on a piece of wax paper. Dip it into the two colors and then dab it onto the paper lightly to blend the colors into the sponge. Then press onto nails. Yes there will be Polish o. Your fingers so be patient and let it dry. Then take a qtip or small brush with Polish remover on it and brush your skin to remove the Polish. Finish with a top clear coat.


These nails are simple and cute. Just get a manicure and add any color you would like in a small stripe right inter the white tip. Top with top coat.


These bails van also be done I. Any color. These are a little more quirky and fun. Paint your nails all one color except your ring finger. Paint it the opposite color. Then use a tooth pick and put dots of the opposing color ob the tips for a dotted French manicure. And of course add a top clear coat.


Instead of getting a white tip, simply get sparkles. Let it fade the farther down your nail that it goes and add a clear coat.


Here is another variation of the sparkle tip. Just add a nude color underneath!


Add a little detail to your nails with flowers to your ring finger nail and some sparkle with nail diamonds.


Here is a very glamorous way to add a lot of sparkle to your big day nails. Just ass rhinestones and a top coat. Maybe even colored rhinestones to match your colors!


And last but not least…. put a RI.g on it. (No pun intended LOL) get a traditional manicure and add a strip of gold and a diamond and you have a ring! Too cute. I hope you have enjoyed these!

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