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Today, I was looking for venues in my area to get married at and to also have the reception. I found this great little place in Peoria that has a great venue. They have a gazebo and an outside reception area, which my fiancée wants to have the wedding outside. So this spot Is great for us. They also offer an Officiant to marry us there, a bar, security if needed (cause you know I’m gonna need some security LOL) and lots more great features. They provide linens tables and chairs. So I’m thinking I am going to go with this place. 🙂 here is the link to the venue. Take a look at the areas etc. For the seating and especially the gazebo.
Well then I got to thinking oh man now I’m going to have to decorate that thing to match my colors and theme. I’ve never decorated a gazebo. Where do I start? Well I went to Google and pinterest and got a few ideas.


I found this one on pinterest. I thought OK this is simple. Pretty. And I could do it in crepe paper.
That stopped me right there. I think crepe paper at a wedding is gawdy (sorry ladies. My opinion only.) And tacky looking. Its not a birthday. But then I thought I could use ribbon. Different kinds of black white and silver ribbon and use white hydrangeas for the flowers. I liked this option but kept looking for ideas.


I then seen this one and thought wow. That’s pretty perfect. But all those flowers? That’s going to take a chunk out of my budget. Yeesh. So I found this:


I really liked the flowy fabric and thought I could use tulle. I am ordering black and white tulle from the Oriental trading company for the chairs at the ceremony. And they have either 6″ thick or 1′ thick. I could get the one foot thick and use that for the white then use the black to make bows to go behind the hydrangeas where it gathers at the railings. Then I got to thinking further. I can get some crystals and put them on some fishing line or some more of the Bling on a string as I call it and put it on top of the white tulle to add some Bling! So I decided that is what I am going to do. I just hope it looks good LOL
Now tomorrow, ill be looking for vendors. Photo Booth, Baker, DJ, caterer and a few others. Ill post more tomorrow so keep checking back for it!!!

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