Gifts for the attendants

I was looking online (of course LOL) on and got the idea of saving money on just doing DIY gifts for the attendants. So I went searching for some ideas and have come up with a few, so here you go. For the ladies:
Personalized hangers. These hangers can be used to hang their bridesmaid dresses on for the wedding day. They look great in photos and they only cost about $5-$6 a piece! What a steal. here is the link to the tutorial on how to make these lovely items. Not a whole lot of pictures but has good instructions. One tip they say is to buy extra wire, because you may mess up and it may look rough so you may want to do another. So just buy some extra wire.

Exert girl loves a good exfoliation. So why not make your girls a few different sugar scrubs? They are beautifully scented and make your skin feel soooooooo good afterwards. They are about $2-$3 per jar to make so they are very easy on the wallet. here is a link to a website that has 15 different recipes to make sugar scrubs. I love the different combinations so go check it out.


What lady doesn’t love candles? Candles are really easy to make and are fun to use different scents in that you like. here is a link to a tutorial on how to make a candle. Very easy photos to follow as well.


Know a fashion foreward lady? Well why not make her a clutch to go with her on her next outing? Ice found a great tutorial on how to make one with a rose front so go by here to check out this beauty


Both of my girls are going to be living in California, and not too far from the beach. So I thought about DIY flipflops. Go here to see how to make these cute little flip flops. And I also thought hey if my girls’ feet get tired from their wedding shoes, they can bust these out at the wedding and be comfortable and they even match my.colors!


And last but not least.for the ladies, you need something to put all these in. But what? A gift bag? No! Do a DIY project that they can use again when going to trips to the beach or even to the grocery store to get a few things. Instead of packing around a huge bag to the beach or those plastic bags home from the store, make them a personalized tore to put their other DIY gifts in and to also use again later! Check out this easy tutorial here.


OK now that the ladies are taken care of…. let’s move on to the guys. And yes guys are harder to make for but I have found a few things for you so don’t worry! First, what Guy doesn’t love cigars or drinking? So I have found a cute little booze bouquet you can make for each of tour guys.


Simply take a jar of some sort (this one is a personalized mug [ill show you a tutorial on]) and put in some brown tissue paper. I would recommend using glass stones or even floral foam to anchor the bottom. The stones will add more weight so those are preferable. Next just get some little bottles of liquor,  some cigars in.different flavors and brands, some plastic shot glassses and some skewers. Hot glue each item to a skewer and put it into the glass. If they are too long use some wire cutters to cut them shorter and make them unto a bouquet. Viola. Something for them to enjoy firming the reception or to just take home.
Are your guys beer drinkers? Well here is a tutorial on how to make personalized etched initial mugs for your guys. You can make these and use these on the bouquets mentioned earlier.


And last bit not least. If your guys really like to party, what better way to thank them for being there for you on your big day than to make them a beer bottle opener?


here is the tutorial on how to make these cool gifts for your groomsmen. You can even personalize the back in a paper of their favorite team. Just midge podge on some paper. Or use beer bottle lankest to decorate it. Or simply personalize it with their last initial as shown.

I hope this has helped some of you to get some good DIY ideas for your attendant gifts. Stay tuned for more!

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