My planning notebook

For this entry, ill explain how I have my binder set up for the planning of my wedding. I hope it helps some other brides out there who have no clue what they are doing and don’t want a planner. So here goes.
On my first page, I have the date of my wedding, the time the ceremony starts, the city I am having it. My colors. My flowers. My attendants which is bride groom maid of honor best man bridesmaids groomsmen flower girls and ring bearers. And my budget price.
Page two is the beginning of my wedding checklist. This is the timeline in which things should be done.
At 10-12 months before:
[ ] inform families of engagement
[ ] start a budget
[ ] select a date
[ ] create a guest list
[ ] look for dress ideas
[ ] choose your wedding party
[ ] think about honeymoon locations
[ ] think of a wedding site
[ ] think of a reception site
[ ] plan an engagement party
[ ] collect pictures or ideas for items

6-9 months before:
[ ] alert out of town guests of wedding date
[ ] research honeymoon sites and prices
[ ] get ideas of floral pieces
[ ] search for menu ideas
[ ] search for photographers
[ ] get ideas for music playlists and a DJ or band
[ ] shop for bridal party attire
[ ] search for dress accessories
   [ ] shoes.   [ ] lingerie.  [ ] Jewelery.  [ ] hair pieces
[ ] choose Officiant
[ ] get gift registry
[ ] send out save the date cards
[ ] plan the honeymoon
[ ] order the wedding cake

5-4 months before:
[ ] select invitations
[ ] choose cake designs
[ ] shop for wedding band rings
[ ] look for grooms tux and groomsmen tuxes
[ ] select bridesmaids accessories
[ ] select wedding favors
[ ] research and book rehearsal dinner site
[ ] get ideas for hair and makeup

3-2 months before
[ ] finalize guest list and fill out invitations
[ ] order favors
[ ] browse wedding accessories for ceremony and reception
[ ] confirm tux orders
[ ] select music for ceremony and reception and give to DJ or band
[ ] mail out invitations

2-1 months before:
[ ] gown fittings for bride and bridal party
[ ] start writing vows
[ ] write out thank you notes
[ ] research where to get marriage license
[ ] prepare photo list of people or things for photographer

4-3 weeks before:
[ ] finalize something old new borrowed blue
[ ] design wedding program
[ ] confirm honeymoon details
[ ] call all non-rsvp guest to confirm if coming or not
[ ] pick up wedding bands
[ ] get license

2-1 weeks before
[ ] final gown fitting
[ ] confirm hair appointment and do a practice run
[ ] pick IP dresses and accessories
[ ] pick up fixes
[ ] finalize vows
[ confirm head count and give to venues
[ ] pack for honeymoon
[ ] prepare favors
[ ] finalize seating arrangements
[ ] confirm date and rime with all vendors

Day before:
[ ] prepare payments for venders and other gratuities
[ ] get emergency kits ready
[ ] manicure and pedicure
[ ] rehearse ceremony

Page 3: ceremony accessories (on checklist entry)
Page 4: reception accessories (on checklist entry)
Page 5: other accessories (on checklist entry)
Page 6: honeymoon checklist. (*) I made this for my trip to Paris and London so there are a few things on here only for this trip but it will give you the idea:
Passports*, plane tickets*, clothes for 2 weeks, shoes for 2 weeks, shampoo, conditioner, soap, brush, make up, toothbrush, toothpaste, qtips, lock and key*, camera, extra batteries, perfume/Cologne, deodorant, attractions cards*, money, euros*, lingerie, memory cards for camera, underthings for 2 weeks, cell phones, chargers, travel bottles for liquids, luggage.
Page 7: budget checklist (on checklist entry)
Page 8: honeymoon details. On here, write down the place you are going. Websites thar have honeymoon packages you are interested in, a daily schedule, addresses, prices, hours of operation, hotels, phone numbers, and any must gets or ideas.
Page 9: brides guestlist
Page 10: grooms guestlist
For those two write down names addresses and phone numbers. If they need updated until tpu send out invitations, then update. Write numbers beside each invitee and when you assemble your invitations, then write thar persons number on their rsvp cards and check them off as. You get them in.  When you get all of the rsvp’s back, you will know who to call if you don’t have them checked off as responded. Instead of sorting through invitations and lists.
Page 11: ideas. Write down you ideas you think or of find online. Then later put stars beside the ones you choose to use.
Page12: draw out your table setting and how you want them to look. Your guestbook table. Flower arrangements. Etc
Page 13: candy table ideas. If you’re having a candy table research online the kinds of bulk candies in colors that match your colors. A good website is candy warehouse , oh nuts candy warehouse , online bulk candy , party city . For a few. Search bulk candy on google.
Page 14: music playlist. Write down songs you want played during the reception.
Page 15: photo list. Write down ideas you find online of photos of your wedding day. People you want to capture. pinterest is a really good place to find ideas. Click on the link and UT will take you straight to the wedding page.
Page 16: wedding programs. For your wedding programs, it needs to be a minimum of 4 pages. Page a is the front. Bride name, groom name, location of wedding, address of location, date and time. Page b is the inner page. This is how the ceremony goes. Prelude. Processional. Song/artist. Questions to the bride and groom. Exchanging of vows. Lighting the unity candle. Song/artist. Exchanging the rings. Declaration of marriage. Recessionals. Song/ artist. Page c is is the second inner page of people involved. Parents of bride. Parents of groom. Officiant. Maid of honor. Best man. Bridesmaids. Groomsmen. Flower girls. Ring bearers. Page d is the back. thank you to family and friends for joining in the day. Memorials. Thank you to minister/ Officiant. Directions to reception.
Page 17: menu options. Write out a list for appetizers, dinners, and desserts. This is also a good opportunity to find new recipes to make for your new hubby.
Page 18: draw out table numbers, place cards, and escort cards.
Page 19: ordering pages. When you get your wedding catalogs or go online browsing, write down the item name item number price quantity and where you found it (ie. Oriental trading company catalog page7. Things remembered online.
Page 20: wishlist page. This page can be used to write down things that you may find that u want to get hut may not be able to afford in the wedding budget. If you do save money, refer back to this page and pick what you can get. This can slow include things you want for yourself or your groom.
Page 21: ceremony music. On this page, write out interlude, prelude, processional, bride processional, unity candle, and recessionals. Go online and find some songs (instrumental) to play during these times.
Page 22: reception music. Write out bouquet toss, cake cutting, first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, bridal party dance, garter toss, and last dance. Find music online that you like and write it down.
Page 22: wedding day make up and emergency kit. Write down the products you want to use that day of you are doing your own make IP to make sure you have everything you need in your bridal suite, instead of having to go home or tot the store to get it. Also have an emergency kit with items for health, beauty, and problems that may happen with dresses or tuxedo etc in a box.
Page 23: DIY list. (Mine IA on the checklist entry)
Page 24: attendants gift. Write down what you want to get your attendants.

There is what my binder looks like. Its well over 25 pages with my information in it, but those are the basics. I hope this helps the desperate ladies out there!

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