This way—> that way<—– signs for your big day

Here are a few ideas you can use in your reception to explain to your guests a reason you have this item.


If you are having an in memory table, make out a paper of who you will be paying tribute to that day. Family members that are no longer with you but want to be remembered ob your special day can be displayed in a frame beside the candles or flowers you have set out in their memory.


If you are having a wishing tree, here is a little poem you can sit beside it to explain what it is for for the people who haven’t seen one or are wondering what its meaning is.


Here is a cute little poem for your candy table to let your guests know that they can not only eat some while they are there but also take a treat home. Set some favor boxes or little sealable bags on the table too so they can rake some home. And hey that’s less clean uP for you!


Here is a cute little sign you can have if you are getting a photo Booth! Get some props like lips glasses and mustaches on sticks, hats, feather Boas, big glasses, necklaces, etc to make some funny pictures. Some people offer double photo strips so your guests can have a set and then you get a set. They also offer an album so when you get your strip they put it in the album for you and your guests can sign it like a guestbook!


And just a little info on the bride and groom. You can always make little cards with things about the bride and groom that the families don’t know about the person joining their family. Things they like, hobbies, talents, careers, where they went to college, dislikes.
There are plenty of ideas on the internet so go look and are what you can find for your reception to personalize it even more.

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