The glass slipper…

OK next I was thinking shoes. A lot of brides will have a white dress and some colored shoes. Its a very hot trend right now.
Bust since my colors are black white and silver, I figured I would see what I could find with those colors. This is what I found.


These lace shoes are gorgeous but not for me.


These would match my brooch bouquet but still a little too plain.


These caught my eye but looking at them up close… I didn’t like them at all.


These bold stripes are very fashion forward but still not for me.
Then I came across the next picture. I love the rhinestones but just not the placement.


And then I found the perfect shoes.


Now these shoes I love. They are only $80.00 (yay saving money) and I can also wear them to other occasions. I love them. So these are definately the shoes.

Oh and I almost forgot! Ladies! Do you want to have a very cute option for you something blue? Well here’s an idea. Glittler the bottom of your shoes in blue glitter. Or add blue spakrly scrapbook stickers saying I do!


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