Here comes the bride….

Alrighty on to the ceremony. There are many different things you can do for your ceremony. You can go traditional or customize your wedding. You can have people reading your favorite scriptures from the Bible and sing songs or you can just pretty Much say your vows and be done. You also have to think about if you want to wrote your own vows.
Then there’s the decorations you want to have. Altar decor and things to adorn the chairs or pews. Its all up to you.
Then you have your accessories. Unity set, guestbook, pillow and basket for the little ones, and of course your tossing item.

For my wedding, our ceremony will be traditional and customized. We will not be having the readings or songs, but we will have a regular ceremony and we are writing our own vows. We are going to have the traditional unity candle.
And our tossing item is going to be sprinkles. Now here’s what u r thinking. Sprinkles? Seriously? Think I’m crazy? I got the idea from a lot of people have said it looks gorgeous in pictures and really makes the pictures pop. Ans besides I love baking so that’s just awesome to me! Here are a few pictures of the things I am going to use/make for my ceremony.


Here is the set that I’m going to use. Ill attempt to make the pillow and I’m not using the guest book as I am doing a different project for that.


I love these big black candle holders and I’m going to try to get some/make some for my altar deck and get white hydrangeas in small black vases to go around them.


Mercury glass with candles in them will also sit around the altar. Diy baby!


And here is a possibility to line the aisle. Tall vases and short ones too. I have no clue what is in there hut ill find out what the balls are and let u guys know! Oh! And the DIY unity candle is on the checklist entry.

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