To be or not to be…. a diy bride

So we set our budget after some discussing and I thought OK. This is a great budget and I can get everything I want. But do I really want to spend that much? 20 grand is a lot to me. I first had to get a checklist of everything I needed for everything. Ill make a aeperate blog with my checklists. (This is where previous wedding planning, internet, and cones in handy.) Once I had my lists, I wrote beside the things for possible DIYing. And coming from a crafty family, by George I can make almost anything! So my little mind start thinking about what I could make myself to save some money. Centerpieces, favors, jewelry,  flowers… I came up with a list of things to make.

After that list I made a more detailed list of each thing to make and what I needed to make that item.
Yes I had my doubts about being a DIY bride. Would everyone think the wedding.looked cheap? Would it come together nicely? Am I going to have difficulty? Whichever way it goes, I’m going DIY. Because my fiancée told me the money I save us by making these items, we can save to take on our honeymoon to Paris and London. Yay!

And here is a website that I went to that I found some good DIY wedding projects on. 100 diy wedding projects

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