He asked, She said yes


Our story:

On June 20, 2011, I got an email address from my cousins then boyfriend for his best friend. His name was Shane westman and I sent my first email to him. I honestly didn’t expect him to write me back, but a few hours later, there was my phone going off and when I checked it, it was Shane. I was nervous opening that first email back but I read it in anticipation. That’s where it all started.
We talked every day and in September, he told me he got offered a job in Arizona. He was transferring his job to Phoenix and he didn’t want to see me hurt by this. He did move to Phoenix and we kept in touch every day. My cousin had previously lived there and wanted to go back. We talked about it every day almost and I decided I needed a change in my life. I needed a different environment and it just so happened that Phoenix was where Shane was. I told him about my plan and he was extremely excited about that.
On October 8th, he told me he loves me for the first time. My heart stopped and fluttered. I had a lot of feelings for this person that I had grown to know over the past 4 months. And it was official. We were a couple. And I know what you are thinking. A long distance relationship never works. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. Thankfully we stuck in there for each other through the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years.
Well January rolled around and I found out I could transfer my job out to Phoenix. I got all the information I needed to get the transfer done.
February rolled around and my big move started. I started getting information on airfare, places in Phoenix to rent, which store I would be working in, schools for my kids.
The day finally came. I went to the airport with my cousin and kids on February 21st and we boarded our plane after saying our tear filled good byes to our moms. When we got seated, I sent an email to Shane letting him know I was on the plane about to take off and I was on my way. We were both excited to be reunited after 4 months.
Here I am in Phoenix. The sunny valley. The very hot valley LOL but I was so close to him. Finally.
Our story has gotten over so many bumps and steps since then. In may he talked about getting engaged because I was helping my cousin plan her wedding and telling Shane about it. We got engaged in may and now I’m well on my way to planning our perfect day. We decided we are going to get married on November 16 2013. Yes that’s well over a year away bit I like to plan EVERY detail and be organized. So I’m getting a good head start. Our colors are black white and silver with a damask pattern and elegant theme.

So this blog will be filled with my journey through to my wedding day. My ideas my DIY projects pictures … everything. I may be able to help a few brides out there for inspiration or advice etc. So please enjoy my blog leave me comments and feedback and if you have any ideas whatsoever please tell me!

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