Day for dresses

When you first get engaged, you think “OK. Wedding dress. White? Ivory? Belt? Glitz? Glam?” The possibilities are endless!
Since my colors are black white and silver, I was thinking I want a white dress with some kins of black accent on it.
At first I thought about a white dress with a black sash or belt. So I looked so white dresses. Oh boy!
Here is what I came up with.


I like the one shouler strap. Its flowy and pretty.


And the flowers on this one.

Now for the belt. I only found one I liked.


But geeze its big!

So then the idea came to find a white dress with a black accent. This is what I found.


Very elegant. I love the accents.


Wow too Much black. This is a wedding not a prom.


Too poofy for me but very pretty.


FANTABULOUS but too much for my small wedding.


A lot better. I was going to choose this one. But it just didn’t hit me. I didn’t get that feeling of wow this is my dress.
I was about to give up on looking for ideas and one day I was looking through websites and found it. It was perfect. An a line dress. Beautiful black accents. And I could see myself walking down the aisle to marry my best friend in this dress. I got a little teary when I seen it and knew automatically this one was it. So here it is:


I have started with the first step and accomplished it. This one will be my dress. 🙂 on to the next step….

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